Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dangerously cute

After a great day yesterday (pics to come), Matthew is back at the hospital today.  Still waiting to see if he will be admitted.  Odds are he will be since he has a fever.  He is also in noticeable pain and was up with Nicole for a while last night complaining of an upset stomach. 

**update** the dude has been admitted and is kicking back in isolation.  Preliminary tests are negative.  Negative in this case is good.

In happier news, view these pictures with caution as the two dudes in the photos are handsome little devils. Matthew was recently rooming with his home-boy Noah.  Noah's mom got some great pictures of them hanging out.  Only because I have spent countless hours with them am I able to offer the following translations.
Come here and give me a smooch!

I once ate a donut that was THIS big.

Check out my fly dance moves!!

Pull my finger.


Katherine said...

Love it! Hope he's home sooner than later!

Garbis Grapevine said...

Darn it!!!! Too much partying probably sent him back to the hospital???? Love the pics and the translations, just like those financial commericals!!!