Saturday, December 25, 2010

best. christmas. ever.

We set out to make this the best christmas ever (because if you don't, then what the hell's the point?), and we succeeded. The kids had a blast and we did also. Matthew has been feeling ok. He is starting to experience some more serious symptom of graft vs host disease. Mostly leg rashes but also some considerable nausea. He felt pretty good for most of the day but also had some stretches where he seemed very tired and weak.

The pic above pretty much says it all.

Claire did not want to go downstairs without Matthew.  She waited for him in his bed while we unhooked his IV fluids and then they went down together.  Awesome big sister.

Present hangover

 harley davidson santa. 
(claire is not pictured because, as she said, "I like Christmas.  I'm just not that into Santa)
We missed the special needs days for the Naperville Santa so learned of this dude during our normal stalking of harley davidsons.  worked out well as there were very few people there.  Still very limited as far as places we can go.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 100!!!

Today is 100 days since Matthew's stem cell transplant.  It seems like only 10,000 days ago.  In all seriousness, this is a huge milestone for him, and us.  Even better is that he is doing awesome.  All of the results from our recent tests have been clear.  No sign of cancer.  He is off the steroids and is dropping a few of those lb's. 

One of my laptop's hard drives decided to blow up.  It was the one that I use to hold all of my photos.  Fear not.  In what could be the only smart thing I have ever done, I have uploaded every photo in its original size up to Picasa

this is one of my favorite pics although when cropped this close is a little blurry.  Can't smile any bigger.

Bryan and I limbering up before the rudolph ramble last sunday.  Notice the people in the background looking away, almost certainly because of the concentrated and unbridled awesomeness.

The crew before the ramble.  It was cold and windy but a lot of fun.  and the proceeds and toys from the toy drive went to CMH.

Claire lost her first tooth this past week. 

Matthew got a hold of these glasses

Claire and her friends Julia and Elise with their long flowing locks of blond hair at the theater for the premier of Tangled.  Post movie reviews were all positive.

Monday, December 06, 2010


December 3rd marked 1 year since we learned of Matthew's diagnosis.  He is doing well and is emerging into an almost normal little 2 year old.  Looking back on the past year makes me appreciate even more the doctors and nurses who cared for Matthew.  I am continuously amazed by this group of people.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we learned that the Make-A-Wish foundation was going to grant Matthew his wish.  This is awesome news and if you are looking for an end of the tax deduction, pull the trigger on this great organization.  A few of Matthew's friends have had wishes granted for them and the results are smiles on sick kids faces.  We are meeting with some of the Wish grantors this weekend and I am already instructing Matthew that his wish should be for 3 additional wishes.  We'll see how far we get with that.  First snow of the year was Saturday and the kids had a blast.  The sled hill was a little spotty but they didn't care.