Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 100!!!

Today is 100 days since Matthew's stem cell transplant.  It seems like only 10,000 days ago.  In all seriousness, this is a huge milestone for him, and us.  Even better is that he is doing awesome.  All of the results from our recent tests have been clear.  No sign of cancer.  He is off the steroids and is dropping a few of those lb's. 

One of my laptop's hard drives decided to blow up.  It was the one that I use to hold all of my photos.  Fear not.  In what could be the only smart thing I have ever done, I have uploaded every photo in its original size up to Picasa

this is one of my favorite pics although when cropped this close is a little blurry.  Can't smile any bigger.

Bryan and I limbering up before the rudolph ramble last sunday.  Notice the people in the background looking away, almost certainly because of the concentrated and unbridled awesomeness.

The crew before the ramble.  It was cold and windy but a lot of fun.  and the proceeds and toys from the toy drive went to CMH.

Claire lost her first tooth this past week. 

Matthew got a hold of these glasses

Claire and her friends Julia and Elise with their long flowing locks of blond hair at the theater for the premier of Tangled.  Post movie reviews were all positive.


Garbis Grapevine said...

Love that you all made 100 days and are still running! Keep smiling and I will continue my positive thoughts and prayers. You will be getting another Greek candle lit for you next week at church. You would have more, but we are really just Chreasters.

Kelli said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for the update. We are thinking of you guys and wish you a very Merry Christmas!! Love, Kelli and Greg

Anonymous said...

Looks like your Christmas came early-this is great news! Claire looks so grown-up; doesn't seem like she's old enough to be losing teeth. Matthew looks like the 'mad professor' with the glasses. Too funny! The prayers continue for more positive test results. Merry Christmas! amj

Melissa said...

So awesome Gene! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!! We miss you all!

The Hitmaker said...

One hundo. 'nuff said.

Marti said...

Happy 100 days!!!
Merry Christmas!!

Linda Edwards said...

May God continue to bless all of you and have a wonderful Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! 100 days is so wonderful! We are thrilled for you and keep praying for you all. Nicole, I am so wanting to send you an email. Could you email me at so I can reply to you if you get a chance? Merry Christmas to you all!
:) Laura Novotny

Don and Steph said...

Congrats Matthew (and naturally Gene & Nicole!) -

That is awesome news! We miss you guys and glad to hear Matthew is doing so well!

Don & Stephanie

Sue Joy said...

Go Matthew Go!!!! Happy Holidays Furibondo's

R. said...

We are all celebrating the season with your wonderful news! God bless you all for the courage and tenacity you have shown this past year. Matthew is truly a fighter and has the best family of cheerleaders possible! We are thankful that you can all feel joy.
Enjoy the snow, the lights, the gifts and the news! Enjoy each other. Love you guys!
The Zs

JM Beluga said...

Lots of good stuff in this post! Where to start? Day 100!!! Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo! Doin' The Happy Dance. Love all the pics (thumbs on the smart Picasa move)! I see a happy and loving family living life to the fullest. I used to say that despite the garbage sent Savannah's way...she still saw the world as a place full of beauty and wonder. Furibondos, I'll be saying that about you all, too. Love the smile on Matthew's face and the flowing locks Claire et al donned for Tangled. What fun! Congrats on Ramble Run, too.

the Olsons

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect Christmas present for all of you! Here's to 2011! Love,
Joe and Joanne Madonia :^)