Sunday, April 17, 2011

pro bowl caliber

This morning Claire and I participated in the NCO fun run.  Despite some chilly temps, we had a blast.  Claire has an interesting running style, characterized by short bursts of blazing speed followed by long 'recovery periods'. Jay Cutler, the quarterback of the Chicago Bears was there running the race with his cousin who lives in the area.  No, Kristin Cavallari was not there :(

After the race, we kicked it over to our neighborhood easter egg hunt.  



Anonymous said...

Looks like the Furibondos are determined achivers - Go Claire Go!Love, thoughts and prayers, amj

The Hitmaker said...

It was nice of Claire to sign an autograph for Jay C; hopefully he'll keep it in a safe place.

Garbis Grapevine said...

Keep having fun! I think I have Claire's running style - LOL!!!!! Have a Happy Easter and I hope the bunny brings good stuff!!!!