Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Matthew received some very good news yesterday that the diseased chromosomes causing the leukemia were gone.  The leukemia cells that remain are likely remains from before the chemotherapy and evidence indicates that no new leukemia cells are being created.  This is awesome news and further indication that the treatment is working.  The plan remains the same to finish this round of chemo and then have 1 more round, followed by either a bone marrow transplant or 2 additional rounds. Matthew is scheduled to go home tomorrow and cannot wait to see his big sister, Claire. 

As good as this news is, we are even more saddened to learn that one of Matthew's floor mates is losing his battle and likely will not make it through the night.  Nicole and I got to know his mom, as we have many of the other parents.  We are thinking of the little guy and his entire family tonight.


Melissa said...

Fantastic news Gene!! So happy for you guys! (So sorry to hear about the little boy on the floor. We will keep him in our prayers.)

lgarbis said...

glad to hear about Matthew!!!!! Hope you are home now!!!

Lisa Garbis

Kellie-Jo and Vincent said...

Happy to hear the good news about Matthew! Keeping Matthew and all of the children fighting this terrible battle in our prayers. Hugs to you all!

Keegan Brian Glynn said...

That is great news to hear about Matthew. I am sure Claire was just as excited to see him.