Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Monday was Nicole's birthday and it was great having everyone together at home.  Lacking the ability to really go anywhere, we had a great time sticking around the house. Claire and Matthew decorated the house (and each other) with streamers and Claire made a delicious chocolate cake.

On Sunday, Claire and I joined Claire's friends Elise and Julia and their dad's, Adam and Brian, and went to a local performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  For being a long show, the girls did great (the dad's survived with only minor injuries) and everyone had a great time.  Below is a collage I put together using the extent of my collage creating abilities (Picasa3).

Matthew is off to his regularly scheduled appointment at the CMH clinic this morning where he will get his blood tested.  If his counts are high enough, they may even keep him to start his next round although we don't expect that to be the case. (updated 6:54 pm.  Matthew is home.  Will probably return for his next round next Monday or Wednesday)


littlebug-peg said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time; the photos of Claire and her little friend are darling (Gene, I'm going to try Picasa - I can't figure out Flickr).

Again, we continue to think of you all and remember little Matthew in our prayers.

We miss and love you,

Peg and Michael

Katherine said...

Nice work on the collage. I will be stealing it to post on my blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! Having everyone together is a great gift. Gene, you do a great job on this blog. I especially love the photos with all the smiley faces.
Love ya, amj