Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Graduate and Civil War Days

Some recent pictures of the last few days.  Yesterday was Claire's graduation from pre-school which was a terrifically awesome event.  Claire and her fellow alumni sang songs and celebrated their graduation from Happy Times Preschool.  Claire has loved going to Happy Times and has better teachers than we could have wished ever for.

Claire and Miss Sherri

Elise, Claire, and Julia

Claire with her Grandparents!!

This gem is of Matthew sitting on his new toilet in the hallway wearing Claire's shoes.  Complete with reading material.
On our way to the Civil War Days.  You can almost see Matthew concentrating on finding a way to make this trip blow up faster than a confederate musket.
My BIL Anton joined us.
Civil war reenactor is an interesting breed of person.

The South won this battle although we were ensured that the next day they would not be so fortunate.

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littlebug-peg said...

Claire looks like she's ready to conquer the world! What a cutie!

Great photos, Gene and Nicole. Matthew looks likes he's back in the mainstream of kid-dom. Hope he enjoys that new pottie!

As for the Civil War Days, we see and hear them almost weekly here during the tourist season. It's interesting and oddly entertaining how the enactors are totally into it!

Love and Hugs,

Peg and Michael

PS - Rich and Theresa look great!