Tuesday, May 25, 2010

--insert twilighty zone type music here--

in perhaps one of the weirder twists of fate ever, our insurance provider, Humana, decided to reverse Matthew's pre-existing condition decision and will start paying his medical claims.  During my daily interweb verification of my financial demise, I noticed that Humana had claimed to have paid about 190K worth of the over 600K of outstanding medical bills.  This seemed very strange as they had previously said all bills related to Matthew's leukemia were going to be denied.  The dude on the phone said they had further  reviewed the case internally and had decided to reverse their decision.  Perhaps they got wind of the legal team I had put together which included the likes of Johnny Cochran, Abraham Lincoln, pre-scientologist Tom Cruise in a Few Good Men, and Matlock.  In all sincerity, my buddy Josh in Elmhurst did provide a great deal of guidance and time in reviewing the facts around this whole mess. My only conclusion after becoming semi-intimate with Illinois' insurance law is that the entire healthcare/insurance system needs a bomb dropped on it and should be rebuilt from scratch.  You would be hard pressed to find anything remotely more f'ed up than this.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great news. Now you can really enjoy Matthew's health. I'm surprised it happened so quickly, even though we all knew they should be paying.
Linda (Jennifer's mom)

Anonymous said...

I think your insurance adviser made Humana an offer they couldn't refuse! So glad everything is finally coming around for your family. Our thoughts, love and prayers continue for all of you. Love ya, amj

littlebug-peg said...

Gene and Nicole,

Great News: a healthy child and a healthy financial outlook! However it happened, I'm glad it did.

Our continued prayers, hugs and love,

Peg and Michael

Garbis Grapevine said...

That is super duper!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you guys!!!

Sue Joy said...

Holy crap...on top of everything, you have to deal with insurance shit! Anyway, glad it's working out. I am sooooo happy to hear about Matthew. I bet all of you are happy to have that picc line out...no more cleaning and dealing with infections. Now he can swim and take a bath without worrying about the arm getting wet. Back to normal must feel awesome! You all certainly deserve some normalcy after what has been going on. The Joy's wish the best for Matthew and your family always! Keep in touch!