Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We met them in St. Louis

This past weekend was my sister Mary's wedding to her new husband Doug.   It was an awesome time and it was great seeing all of my relatives who we rarely get to see.  My sister looked beautiful and was nearly equaled in beauty by Claire. 

Nicole, Claire, and Matthew have also been busy watching their caterpillars turn in to butterflies.  A few days ago they let them free, presumably to be quickly eaten by birds or lizards.


littlebug-peg said...


Our congratulations on getting a new brother-in-law! Your sister is a lovely bride - and, yes, Claire is a shining star!

Matthew is smiling like he did when we were there last summer. What a blessing. Please know you all remain in our thoughts and prayers for a happy, healthy and beautiful future.

We love and miss you,

Peg and Michael

Garbis Grapevine said...

Yeah!!! Great times for you guys!!!!


Kellie Jo and Vincent Angone said...

It's great to see such happy family pictures! Matthew is looking awesome and Claire is as cute as ever! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers for many more happy and HEALTHY family moments. :)