Friday, August 06, 2010

Mohawk Nation

I am starting a new venture that is going to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Team Matthew called Mohawk Nation.  I am not totally sure what the purpose is behind the aforementioned new organization but Team Matthew (you) has been so incredible, the spillage over into this new spin-off is bound to be kick-a$$.  Maybe it will be the name of Matthew's new Monster Truck racing team.  Perhaps it will be the name of Team Matthew's platinum cd.  Perhaps it will be something I forget about and you never hear again.  Time will tell.

I think we may have jinxed ourselves this morning.  We were all set to go home when, out of nowhere...dude spikes a fever.  Not a little fever.  105.  Possible virus, similar to the one last month that sent him to the PICU twice.  He has since come down and is back to his normal self but we will be sticking around CMH for a few more days.

Claire did get to come up to day and got to treat herself to some of her favorite CMH chicken tenders.  MmmmMMmmm.

2 babes

I think this pic is from a couple of weeks ago but it cracks me up.  His face is covered with what I can only guess is some sort of chewie residue and his hair isn't sure if it should be falling out or growing back. 

Grave Digger!

I got a chance to get a short run in this morning.  I would hazard a guess that the view on my run was probably better than the view on yours.  Took these this morning.  You can almost reach out and touch the 95% humidity.  I


littlebug-peg said...

Matthew's smile is so charming! Thanks, Gene, for posting these photos. As always, our love, hugs and prayers for Matthew and family!

We love and miss you,

Peg and Michael

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree w/you more Gene about Chicago's lakeshore. You can always tell what the weather's like by the color of the water. Love all the smiley pictures! And the prayers continue for all of you. Love ya, amj