Thursday, October 07, 2010

life is good

well...maybe not good...but at least it doesn't suck nearly as much.  The little guy came home last night and the happiest person in the world was probably Claire.  I overheard her talking to Matthew and say, "Matthew, I love you as big as the whole city." 

Below are some pics of our first release from the hosp after the transplant.  As soon as he got out, he wanted to go look at the boats.  So we took a short detour to Belmont Harbor and checked out the boats.

The hospital equivalent of a u-haul.

Mark your calendars for this awesome Team Matthew event.  More details coming soon.


Kathy said...

So glad he is home:) Love the wagon:) We had to use one to discharge Zander from Hope.

Sue Joy said...

YAHOO!!! So happy that the Furibondo's are together again!
The Joy's

Anonymous said...

You guys are true warriors!! So glad everyone is back home - maybe you can breath a little easier? Claire seems to be learning at a very young age the really important things in life. God bless you all! amj

Linda Edwards said...

So happy for all of you! I pray that Matthew's progress continues and that he gets stronger every day.

Carrie said...

Love that picture of Matthew and Claire together. Hope things get "great" soon!!

Margie said...

Welcome home!!!! It's so good to have you all back in the hood!