Monday, October 25, 2010


damn, those steroids are nasty stuff.

check out the before and after pics of the little guy.  The one on the left is from the end of september when he got out of the hospital.  The one on the right is from today (allegedly).

Ok.  that was sort of a joke (allegedly).  but look below to the actual before and after.  He is still one of the cutest little devils ever but it is so difficult to watch him.  wish I could step in and take it all away.  we are encouraged to talk to other parents of Leukemia kids and they have told of similar experiences with the steroids.

 Aside from the weight gain, he is doing pretty well.  The GVH seems to be under control and he is crazy about his Claire Bear.  They have this little helicopter they fly around the crib and put their halloween baskets on their heads to protect themselves from the inevitable helicopter-to-head collisions that seem to be frequent.


The Hitmaker said...

When I look at those pics, I just see an adorable little dude who looks great and is living his life.

Except for the shot of him in the Cubs uniform, which I blame on the Doritos-dust. We all know that the powder on those things has crazy effects.

R. said...

The cubs could use him! Oops!
A Sox fan

Anonymous said...

They both look great! How long does he need to be on steroids?

Garbis Grapevine said...

Steroids do nasty things, but also good things. He looks super cute with Claire!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, steroid are nasty!!! Glad to see him doing so well. The prayers continues. love to all, amj

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween, Furibondos!!!! Such a cutie-pie (both of them)
-Mary Kincaid