Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Claire turns 5

Claire, along with Nicole and her Aunt Jen, went to the American Girl Doll store on Michigan Avenue last Saturday to celebrate Claire's 5th birthday.  To say that Claire was excited was a slight understatement and she had a great time.  She even got to pick out her own doll; Kitt Kittredge.  Here are some of the photos of their day and the delicious fun-fetti cake we enjoyed afterwords.  There is one picture where it looks like Claire's hair is about to catch on fire.   I am happy to report it did not.

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Kelli said...

What a great picture! We are so glad Matthew is able to be home for Claire's birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire. Looks like you had a great shopping trip on Michigan Avenue. My kind of gal!!!
love ya, amj

littlebug-peg said...

Best wishes, Little Claire, on your 5th Birthday! Looks like you have a wonderful Birthday Adventure!

God bless you, dear one.

Peg and Michael

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Claire!! Looks like you had lots of fun! Cant wait to meet Kit, Have fun with her! miss you.

lgarbis said...

Super cute and what a fun day!