Monday, March 29, 2010


Matthew has been doing very well and had a great weekend although his appetite is still pretty weak compared to what it used to be.  His sister recently introduced him to carrots dipped in ranch which he loves.  Actually, it is just the ranch that he loves.  He licks the ranch off of the carrot and then discards the carrot before taking a new one.  Except for this morning when he took a carrot with ranch and stuck it up his nose.  It took a sneeze to get it dislodged. We are also missing a blue crayon that seems to have disappeared. 

His latest cbc (complete blood count) taken this morning revealed that his counts are back up so he will be going back to CMH on Wednesday to begin round 5.  We were kind of hoping to have another week of him home.  This upcoming round is the final round of chemo for Matthew and allegedly, also the strongest.  Unlike his prior rounds which have been over consecutive days, this round has a few day break in the middle assuming he is feeling ok to go home.  He is scheduled to be in for 3 days, home for a few days, then back in for another 3 days.  Until then, he will be attending the nu-nu festival with big sis Claire (left)


Kozloski's said...

Those are mighty big crayons. Who knew they have a duel purpose, easier to hold onto and nose jamming prevention.

lgarbis said...

Glad to hear that he is feeling okay!!! Have you checked his ears for the blue crayon?!?!?!

Love, hugs and prayers!!!!


littlebug-peg said...

Matthew seems to be exploring his inner artist...literally! As always, we are thinking of him and keeping you all in our prayers.

We miss and love you, Peg

Lori Townsend said...

Seeing that picture of Claire, with the blanket over her head and how she's sucking her thumb totally brought back memories of her as a baby with her blanket and how much she loved it. If she was ever upset, giving her the blanket would do the trick every time. She would just flop herself down on it and suck her thumb. Good memories- I miss that chubby baby :O)

Thinking and praying for you often,