Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What the @#$%&?

What was looking like a perfectly fine evening where I was going to get a little bit of reading in, very quickly turned into a very long and messy night.  It started with an innocent enough rash on his arm.  Nothing to be alarmed about...it happens all the time.  A little while later, he rolled over onto his side and thew up phlegm all over the place.  That is a little bit of a bigger deal, but still, it happens sometimes and we move on.  After gettting some new bedding, we took his temperature and he was @ 94 degrees (98.6 = normal).  Apparently a low temperature can mean the same things as a high fever.  You can think of it like a Toyota with its accelerated stuck.  The body thinks it is doing something different than what is actually happening (try finding that analogy in JAMA).  We packed his little body with hot packs and stayed up late.  The last thing I remember is watching Handy Manny reruns on the laptop.  Handy Manny is digestible but not my first choice.  Phineas and Ferb is the gold standard when it comes to adult tolerable children's television.  I talked to Nicole this morning about taking him home today as scheduled.  We have kind of learned that the simple act of asking that question (Should we go home today?) is indication enough that he needs to remain in the hospital for a little bit longer.  Matthew has an enormously strong spirit and an admirable fortitude.  So much  that it is sometimes easy to forget how sick the little man is.


Anonymous said...
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littlebug-peg said...

Matthew's a super trooper! You all remain in our thoughts and prayers. A big birthday hug to Claire - we're looking forward to photos.

Love from Michael and Peg

R. said...

Just figured out how to respond. You know how much I love you guys and continue to pray!

It continues.


lgarbis said...

Sorry to hear that you will be there a bit longer. Positive thoughts and prayers your way. Hugs and love!!!!