Sunday, September 05, 2010

Day - 3

Well, the speaking engagement met with some last minute modifications and I ended up speaking at 5:30 on the side stage.  I think it still went pretty well even though I was pretty nervous.  My apologies to anyone who went to the Clint Black show intending on seeing the talk.  I only found out about the change about an hour beforehand. 

In far more important news....Matthew is doing awesome.  His energy level is off the charts, although they tell us that will change soon.  He has a catheter now to prohibit the toxic byproduct of his current chemo from haning out in his bladder and causing irritation.

Add the following things together.

2 year old. 
Hospital bed. 
Lots of energy. 
Catheter in penis.

It's not a pretty sight. 


Sue Joy said...

Always thinking of you all! You are a super champ Matthew!

littlebug-peg said...

We're praying for an extended high-energy experience and a succession completion of this procedure. We miss and love you all.

Peg and Michael