Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day +4

the kid continues to battle.  He is on a feeding tube and pain meds to manage all of the many different things going on in his little body.  I have a bunch of pictures below from the past week.  One of my favorite moments was being able to help coach Claire's first soccer game on saturday. 
Nicole, Matthew and I the morning of the transplant

In recovery
Me, the dude, and the bone marrow

Claire gearing up

Coming off the field after the game

tubes, tubes, and tubes
not happy


littlebug-peg said...

Dear Gene and Nicole,

So many people are praying for you and the CMH's work! Your courage is amazing and is inspiring. Our love, hugs and prayers continue to flow your way.

We miss and love you,

Peg and Michael

Garbis Grapevine said...

HI guys,

These pics really put life into perspective for all. Thanks for sharing and know that we are all thinking about you. I just love Claire in her uniform with the bow. Super cute. Sending prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

You are all such an inspration. Keep going! You WILL do it!