Friday, July 30, 2010


Quick update - all furibondo's are home and accounted for.  Claire, interestingly enough, got a fever this week but Matthew stayed fever free, even though they would engage in the occasional lip kiss (Matthew is a strict "kissing on the lips" guy.  Claire...not so much).  Having the grandparents helping out this week has been a tremendous help. 

With Nicole's encouragement (often in the form of knees and kicks in the back) I have started running again as a way to try to deal with the bone crushing anxiety.  So far so good.  In the absense of family photos, below is a shot I took of a dude who lapped me on the running trail (twice)  This should give you some sense of my pace and overall level of physical fitness.


Mary Kincaid said...

That's OK Gene, he lapped me 5 times and you lapped me twice!! I'm so happy that you are all home still....I'm praying for your family that the next few months go by smoothly. You guys are awesome!!

Sue Joy said...

You are too funny Gene! Way to go Matthew!!!

Garbis Grapevine said...

I'm glad you all are at home and still at home. Good to hear that you are running again. You will soon pass the old guy in the walker!!!!

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