Sunday, July 18, 2010

The weekend

Matthew has a big day tomorrow of tests tomorrow (MRI, CT, Bone Marrow) which should tell us something about what the next few weeks are going to look like.  Had a great weekend with everyone at home.  Pics below.

super cutenesses watching tv. If I had to guess, I would go with either Cyberchase or the Grave Digger video.
Team Matthew Lemonade Stand- Captain's jersey
Making up for a few weeks of missed chores
Matthew getting medicine.  Claire helping.

The view on top of the Children's Memorial Hosp parking garage


Ellen said...

Love the pictures. Looks like Claire is a great helper. Does she want to be a nurse or doctor now? Her mommy earned her nursing degree doing clinicals on Matthew after all. :-)

Traci said...

Will be thinking of all of you and especially Matthew for his big day today! We really enjoyed the lemonade stand - such a touching display of the love and support that surrounds your family.
Go Team Matthew!

Garbis Grapevine said...

Praying that the tests go your way today!!!!!!! Thanks for the update and pictures, cute as always!!!!

Carrie said...

I simply love the picture of Claire and Matthew watching tv. Praying for good news from all of the tests. Thinking of Matthew all the time.


littlebug-peg said...

Hi you guys! Great pictures, Gene. We're renewing our prayers for success in the testing, whatever it takes!


Peg and Michael