Friday, July 09, 2010

holy shmoly

Guess who might be going home today.  I will give you a hint.  It's Matthew.  Give up?  You're not very good at this game.  Its Matthew!  over the past 48 hours, Matthew has seen a great improvement overall.  His eyes are open.  He is out of his tent.  He is screaming (good screaming) at the Grave Digger video.  He is giggling at Shaun the Sheep.  His PICC line is back in after he pulled it out the night before last.  He is going to be spending a decent amount of time in the hospital over the next month couple of months that the docs think a stint at home would be beneficial.  I agree.  ((If this machine next to me beeps one more time someone will be picking the f'ing thing up in pieces off of Fullerton avenue.))   He is still on several medications, a couple of which are for pain management.  Going home while on these is a tricky proposition.  The doctors are currently working on finding a workable solution to this.  If they can, we can go home.  If they can't, its not a huge deal...we just stick around for a few more days while we try to ween him off.  We spoke yesterday about whether to ween him off here at that hospital or at home.  If at home, will a nurse help us ween him?  My question yesterday was "Will there be somebody dedicated to managing his ween?".  <>.  Not even a chuckle.

The debate has begun over what caused this nice turnaround in Matthew's behavior.  His pain meds were increased.  He had spinal fluid removed through is Ommaya to relieve pressure.  Finally, there was a natural healer from the hospital who came by.  She harnessed the power of the earth and applied that power to Matthew.  I also got a treatment and regretfully am the same idiot I was before the treatment but it seemed to do the trick for the little packster.  You probably will not find a more skeptical person on the planet but...I am right now looking into my insurance documentation to see if there are any exclusions regarding the earth's power and if that applies towards my giganto deductible.


Lara said...

We just did a little happy dance for Matthew! I found the 'ween' comment hilarious - so did Nick! Keep up the good vibes, the mind-body connection is a powerful thing.

Melinda said...

So glad Matthew is feeling a little better! That's awesome news. I did giggle a little at ween...

Still keeping all of you in my thoughts daily! :D Good vibes!

Anonymous said...

Holy shmoly is right!! I got the goose bumps reading this and am so very, very, very excited for you guys that he has perked up & is feeling better and that going home is a possibility (you have the right attending on service for that). Good thoughts and prayers sent Matthew's way. Love, Janelle

Garbis Grapevine said...

That is too awesome that he is feeling better!!!!!!!!! I just love that he is out of the tent and laughing!!!!!! Yeah, I'm sure that earth healer cost a pretty penny with all your other meds.

Ween away!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending positive energy and prayers your way!!! Keep good news coming!!!!

Sue Joy said...

Way to go Matthew!!! Good stuff team Furibondo...Thinking of you often! The Joy's

littlebug-peg said...

Dear Gene and Nicole,

This is great news! The prayers, good thoughts and karma continue to be sent your way.

We miss and love you,

Peg and Michael

Marti said...

I am sooo happy to hear he is doing better and hope he will get to go home with you all. I also giggled at your "ween" comment :)
All the best and you will all continue to me in my thoughts and prayers.
PS. I love the holding hands pic.

Dianna said...

I'll keep rubbing our newborn's head for good luck and saying prayers around the clock!


(Cancer, Go to Hell!!!)

Margie said...

That is the best!!!! The "hood" hasn't been the same without the little shaver!! Sending our love right over that fence!! Thank you Mother Earth!!!

Traci said...

So happy for all of you. What a gift to all be together as a family again in your home! Sending big hugs your way.
Love, Traci and Jason