Thursday, July 01, 2010


Matthew has been getting little fevers lately with his latest hitting 101.2.  He is noticably uncomfortable and did not sleep much last night.  I wish he could tell me what hurt.  His eyes seem to be very sensitive to any light and he generally hangs out with his nunu covering his face.  While we were up last night, he asked me to take a memo for him.  Went something like this. 
Dear Cancer,
Go to Hell.
Matthew Furibondo
PS.  I hate you.


littlebug-peg said...

Give 'em hell, little guy! We're behind you 100%!

We love you,
Peg and Michael

Garbis Grapevine said...

ARGH!!!!!! Well, I do love his thoughts on the cancer. Keeping fighting guys!!!!!

Love, Lisa

Melissa said...

Thanks for the always keeping us updated! Sorry to hear he isn't feeling well :( Hope he feels better soon!

Matthew definitely takes after you with his writing skills! :)

Carrie said...

So incredibly sorry to hear Matthew continues to hurt. I agree with Matthew's letter 100%.


Anonymous said...

Every time I sit down to feed our 4 week old, I rub his head and say a prayer for Matthew. (Rubbing a baby's head brings good luck - I hear...???)

I will add "Cancer, Go to Hell." to all future prayers. (Which are about every 3-4 hours around the clock!)


Ellen said...

Tell Matthew I got his memo and I'm on it. I will send his memo directly to God through my prayers.

R. said...

Dear Gene,
Matthew's letter is one chain letter I would definitely send on. Our family's prayers are mighty and constant. We love you.