Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The little fatness (although getting skinnier) is doing very well this morning.  He slept great last night after not napping for a minute the entire day yesterday.  His roommate Armando (16 yr old) and he are having a good time.  I think Armando is teaching Matthew how to play Call of Duty on the PS3. 

Matthew's PICC line was giving us some problems over the past few days.  Medicine would go in but we could not get anything (blood) out.  The doctors put a few different medicines in his line yesterday to try to dislodge whatever was happening and we didn't have any success until this morning when they were able to successfully draw blood from his line.

His ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is still zero.  It needs to start coming back up before they will let him leave so it is looking like Santa will be delivering his presents to Children's Memorial this year.  Not that big of a deal seeing that he is in the best place for him to get better. 


Grandma Fran said...

You are truly making your journey to Bethlehem this year. Children's Mem is your Bethlehem. As Joseph and Mary spent christmas with their child, so are you. We are so proud of you taking care of Matthew 24/7. - Mom and Dad

Kathy said...

CALL OF DUTY? Go Matthew, already a gamer. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

If you need anything please let us know. We are home with Zachary and ready to help.

The Yee's

littlebug-peg said...

This sounds good! Who knew the medicinal benefits of computer games???

Another big virtual hug and kiss from cousins Michael and Peg!