Friday, December 04, 2009

Matthew's status 12/04/2009

Not sure how this blog will work out but thought it might be a good thing to try as there are many concerned and caring people thinking about Matthew.  I wanted to update everyone on where we are with Matthew's status. 

For a brief background...Matthew was admitted to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago on Tuesday.  He had a strange rash on his leg and when a blood test was done, there were some oddities that were shown. 

As of now, we are waiting to hear from the doctors regarding the final test of Matthew's bone marrow biopsy.  The first 2 tests were inconclusive, meaning, they could not tell absolutely that leukemia was present.  This last test should be conclusive.  Needless to say, the not knowing has been very trying. 

Last night, I asked one of the dr's if she was a betting woman.  She said no.  I asked if she was, where would she put her money.  They said that she believes it is AML (Acute myeloid leukemia) but she cannot say for certain and they cannot really say anything unless they know absolutely.  

The bone marrow biopsy typically takes about 2 days and it was started on Wednesday afternoon so we should know at sometime today. 

Matthew is doing well and from all indications is pretty comfortable.  He had a bath last night which he did not enjoy very much.  He liked playing with his new tractor and was fascinated by putting his cookie in the back of the truck and removing it over and over. 

Please keep praying with and for us and hoping for the best.


bondonian said...

MDogg is in our thoughts and we are hoping for the best. I will try to get over there today and bring some more exciting things for him to put in the back of that truck.

CheepCheepKids said...
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CheepCheepKids said...
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Anonymous said...

Gene - We had no idea. Our thoughts are with you, the family and Matthew. Let us know if you need ANYTHING.

Don & Steph

Ellen said...

Our love and prayers are with you. You two have been amazingly strong throughout this whole process. God is by your side to help keep giving you strenght. Call me if you need anything. You know I would do anything for you guys. Matthew is one strong little guy. Give him a kiss for me.
Ellen,John,Kate, & Sean Keeler

Anonymous said...

please don't be offended, i am asking this in a non-accusing manner. was matthew breastfed? for how long? did he receive his full placental transfusion at birth? these things are said to lower or eradicate childhood cancer risk.